Workers’ Compensation


Ensure your employees and your business are protected from accidents and injuries within the high risk world of construction.

Workers compensation protects your business from liability arising from your employees being injured on the job site. If your company has employees, workers compensation is required via the california state mandate.

Why do you need it?

If an employee gets injured, workers compensation will pay for their hospital bills and lost wages, and could save your business from a lawsuit or state action regarding penalties or cslb license suspension.

Example A: Employee falls from a ladder and breaks their ankle. They receive treatment at an emergency room – resulting in lost wages, pain, and physical therapy.
Example B: Two employees are moving a slab of marble for a countertop. One employee drops their end and the other employee is injured as a result of that mistake causing a broken toe. The employee receives treatment but has also resulted in lost wages, pain, and physical therapy.