About Us


Founded in 2019, we set out with one priority: make insurance easy. With over 15 years of experience, insureaze was built on the ideals of tailoring our insurance plans to fit our contractors’ needs.

We are equipped with the tools to assist from start to finish. Our team is comprised of highly ethical and dedicated individuals determined to find you the most competitive rates, while still providing the quality coverage you expect.

Just how every project is different for our contractors, every insurance policy is custom built to protect you and your business.

Who We Are

We understand that the construction industry is what keeps california going, and we know you have more important business to handle other than insurance. However, we understand that a tailored insurance policy will allow for your business to not only grow, but to succeed.

With over 15 years of experience, specifically handling the construction industry in california, we realized there was something entirely wrong with how the construction insurance market was being treated. Whether it was a company taking over a week to send out a certificate of insurance, a quote you requested, or if it was simply amending your current insurance policy. The roundabout way of insurance stops when you make your first call to us.

How We Work

From your first call, you will only deal with one person. We don’t have numerous different staff members handling your account, because we want one person to truly understand your business wants and needs.To take care of you and your business, and to do it swiftly. We pride ourselves on the 1-on-1 relationships our brokers forge with our clients, and for that reason, you will never speak to anyone other than your broker.

Insureaze provides a unique contractor experience by delivering everything electronically, ensuring the highest quality of service. They offer a one-stop shop, delivering everything from signing to binding, and guarantee prompt handling of any needs.

As your broker, we represent you, not the insurance company.